Trade compliance and permit handling

Kaizen Logistics is a well known permit declarant that also provides a quick turn around service of within 1.5 hours from a permit declaration request for clients.

We have experience declarants working round the clock 24/7 for 365 days to ensure our clients have their permits delivered in time. We provide the entire suite of permits that is required and provide GST pre-payments up to a fixed amount for our clients.

  • Air export permit
  • Air import permit
  • Transhipment permit
  • Duty and GST permit
  • Certificate of Origin
  • XO XP Permit
  • SGCO
  • CO

Chartered / Console shipments

Range of services provided to our clients. We provide a range of services for our clients from chartered to console shipments that span across the entire Malaysian peninsula and Thailand.

Protected movement

GPS enabled and other security features. All cross border and local trucks are enabled with GPS tracking, secured cargo compartments amongst many features that allow us to protect our customers cargo at all costs.

Real-Time Tracking

Real time tracking and instant communication. Cross border logistics involves many stakeholders and process. At Kaizen, our support team will constantly update the progress and delivery status of the cargo to our clients.

Dedicated operations support

Assignment of a single point of contact for each client. Our clients will be assigned to one support specialist who will handle all aspects of the cross border cargo movements.

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