Airbase / Army camp deliveries

Not many logistics companies in Singapore have the ability to perform airbase deliveries. To be eligible for clearance, the military security department needs to vet and approve the organisation that has the required facilities

Kaizen Logistics is proud to be one of the companies cleared by MSD on an organisation level and the driver level at the highest security clearance possible. In this way, we can provide an efficient service for our clients without needing airbase or army staff to escort delivery drivers into and out of camps. Here is how this will benefit organizations that engage with Kaizen’s services. 

  • Quicker delivery time without having to wait for escorts in and out of camps

  • Preferred option for camps so as to not disrupt the operations as Kaizen is cleared to enter premises

  • It saves costs for companies as less hours are needed to fulfill deliveries by delivery men


How this Works

Request for booking

Email our ops for a airbase or army camp delivery

Our ops team will assign the delivery to our dedicated airbase or army camp drivers who are handling for the specific camps

Receive attractive quotation

With MSD clearance, we are optimized to perform deliveries faster

Enjoy attractive rates and efficient deliveries which reflects on the speed and logistics prowess of your organisation

Real-Time Tracking

Near to real time cargo tracking

We have trackers that ensures complete visibility of the vehicles so we can ensure the safety of the cargo delivery.

Automated notification

Stakeholders notification through email

With our technical abilities, we are able to send immediate notifications to our customers and their clients on the status of deliveries and immediate delivery order verification.

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