Transporting goods within Singapore

Since 2015, the core service offering of Kaizen Logistics is local transportation within Singapore. Being in the aviation sector and as service providers for MNCs, our drivers and operations team are well trained to handle the needs and requirements for operations based in Singapore.

Starting off with a truck, we have now expanded our resources to suit the needs of our clients. We have grown solely through word of mouth, given the level of service we provide to our clients.  

  • Panel vans

  • 10 ft trucks (with and without tailgate)

  • 14 ft trucks (with and without tailgate)

  • 24 ft trucks (with and without tailgate)

  • Up to 10 ton lorry crane

Why choose local transportation with Kaizen Logistics

Reliable service

Our organisation is as good as its reliability.

We believe in adding more value to our clients by providing reliable services to them. This value is seen in the reflection of our clients logistics process

AOG/Urgent service

Why not all companies provide AOG services

To be a reliable AOG (aircraft on ground) transporter, having additional resources on ground and standby is crucial. In Kaizen, we have manpower to handle urgent and time sensitive cargo for our clients


We prioritize communication and customer relationship management

Sometimes customers do not need the quickest turn around time. Good and effective communication with a clear updates is what clients seek. In Kaizen, we always keep our clients in the loop.

Cargo security

Safety of cargo is crucial

On top of being insured, Kaizen and its ground team always partake in industry best practices to ensure our processes and clients goods are always secured and safe.

Other services


Cross border trucking

Specialist in cross border trucking between Singapore and Malaysia.


Permit declaration

24/7 service by our permit team to provide our clients import and export permit with an SLA of 1 hour.



warehousing, storage and goods handling services for our clients in Singapore and Malaysia


Airbase / Camp delivery

We provide efficient restricted zone deliveries that other transports will not be able to.

Project cargo

Kaizen Logistics provide project cargo services to clients who have specialised cargo movement requirements

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