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Singapore and Malaysia have a strong trade relationship, and cross-border trucking plays a key role in facilitating the movement of goods between the two countries. Here are a few key statistics on cross-border trucking between Singapore and Malaysia:

Volume of trade

In 2020, the volume of trade between Singapore and Malaysia reached SGD 89.9 billion (about MYR 259 billion), with Singapore exporting SGD 36.7 billion (about MYR 105 billion) worth of goods to Malaysia and importing SGD 53.2 billion (about MYR 154 billion) worth of goods from Malaysia.

Top exported products

The top exported products from Singapore to Malaysia include electronic products, machinery and equipment, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Top imported products

The top imported products from Malaysia to Singapore include petroleum and petroleum products, electrical and electronic products, machinery and equipment, and rubber and rubber products.

Mode of transportation

The majority of trade between Singapore and Malaysia is carried out by truck, with about 75% of Singapore’s exports to Malaysia and 85% of Malaysia’s exports to Singapore being transported by road.

Cross-border trucking agreements

Singapore and Malaysia have several cross-border trucking agreements in place to facilitate the movement of goods between the two countries. These include the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link (Tuas) Truck Permit Scheme and the Malaysia-Singapore Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Scheme.

Overall, cross-border trucking plays a vital role in the trade relationship between Singapore and Malaysia, and is a key part of the logistics industry in both countries.

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